Details in these public spaces invite you to sit and enjoy the moment. Light fills this extraordinary building while you are surrounded by the color and textures of an Alberta mountain lodge.

Personally and on behalf of Atco group, I have had the great privilege to work directly with Louise Middleton and I cannot stress enough how talented, professional and skillful Louise has been at capturing, creating and delivering on our corporate vision. She brings excellence to all that she does. Her attention to detail in design is remarkable all the while understanding the need for fiscal practicality.

Thank you Louise for making the Atco campus a place where employees, their families and the community feel they can gather to express ideas, plan for the future and enjoy the warmth and inviting venue we dreamt to achieve. You have delivered far more than what anyone expected and payed attention to the smallest detail. A true example of excellence as defined by our founder, RD Southern.

With deep appreciation

Nancy Southern